Tim's picture page, by me.

That 'me' is Geordi, by the way. He says I'm not allowed to change those pictures.

Here's my PGP Public key. Its fingerprint is:

1024/0E612FBD : 8A 54 58 AE 89 42 2A E5  F9 BB 60 46 20 60 3E 6D
(Of course since I'm the only one who's signed it, you're best off being paranoid. But how many people would *you* like to have read your mail to me ? Use this key and at least it's limited somewhat.)

Some things I'm interested in:
I used to torture these people back when they were too paranoid to connect to the internet. I think they need a web version of Civil.
Here's a link to a friend who has a link to me. For fun, see how many time you can go around the loop before your browser crashes.
Here's where to find a voyage to the bottom of the sea.

Logic is little tweeting bird chirping in meadow,
Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell bad.
-- Spock